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Too much love in the love handles? 6 pack turned into a keg? Double chin, sagging jowls? Not for long! What really works for true Face Sculpting and Body Shaping? Over 50 worldwide clinical studies involving hundreds of thousands of patients, since 2002 prove that it is the technology utilized by Dermacare ®, America's skincare safety leader since 2001.

Dermacare InjectionLIPO™ is a series of Ultra fine injections of 2 safe and natural substances that permanently dissolve fat cells, stimulate new collagen growth, nourishing, tightening and lifting skin. It is commonly referred to, and has been the subject of over 50 worldwide clinical and scientific studies, as “Injection Lipolysis” (IL) and “LipoDissolve”. These studies have consistently documented an unparalleled safety record and outstanding patient satisfaction rate. (See “The Journal of Clinical 7 Aesthetic Dermatology” study of 15,122 treatments entitled “LipoDissolve, Safety, Effectiveness, and Patient Satisfaction” on this site). IL is a safe, natural, predictable method used in medical aesthetics for fat reduction & skin tightening without surgery. Two naturally occurring substances are placed directly into the fat cells of a specified area, in a series of 3 treatments. IL also reduces wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin, fatty lipomas, under eye fat pads and helps “smooth out” post surgical irregularities.

There are five areas on the face that can be treated: Neck, Jowls, Naso Labial Folds, Cheeks, and under eye bags. The neck and jowls are the most popular facial areas. The results for eliminating a “double chin” or “turkey neck” (which occur for all adult ages) are truly remarkable and life changing. Often Jowl treatment is included with Neck treatment. Many people from a profile view have a new and jowl line that run together. Jowl treatment provides a defined jaw line and a prettier or more handsome face. Under eye bags that are true fat pads (meaning they are permanent, do not “come and go” with lifestyle, lack of sleep, allergies, etc.) respond extremely well. Naso Labial folds (the areas to each side of the nose downward to the corner of your mouth) are a popular area. Fatty cheeks are sculpted into the desired high cheekbone look. Facial treatments also diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, and improve that “crepe” look that can come with aging skin. The entire face can be treated: The DermaLIFT™. All Note: Our medical providers are both expert injections lipolysis providers and true visionary artists with decades of experience. They do not treat an area like the cheek lightly, as they know that a decade from now you will want that fat in your upper cheek as you age. They are experts in BOTOX and all dermal fillers, and can truly sculpt your face for a magnificent looking you today, and tomorrow!

Q & A

How many treatments are needed?

The standard protocol for face or body is 3 treatments at least one month apart. Rarely is a 4th treatment necessary or desired. The treatments need to be at least 4 weeks apart, however they can be spaced over a 6 month or 1 year time period. Most people want results ASAP, so they schedule right at the 4 week mark.

How Long Does it Last?

True fat reduction, whether it is dissolved and excreted, or sucked out, is permanent. It cannot come back to the area where fat cells were permanently eliminated. For the face, it is substantially new collagen stimulation that is responsible for the dramatic lifting and tightening of the neck and face. Collagen will break down over time due to aging, lifestyle, etc. Just like a surgical facelift, it does not last forever. The average patient can expect the results to last at least 6-7 years. Patients over 65 can expect 5-7 years. After that time period the 3 treatment protocol can be applied again.

Why isn't there loose skin where the fat was eliminated?

The collagen stimulating properties of Injection Lipolysis are just as important, in some cases where there is lots of loose skin, more important than the permanent fat dissolving properties of the treatment. The tiny injections over the subject area cause slight damage to the existing collagen, resulting in new collagen growth, much more so than any laser or or any other treatment (surgical liposuction stimulates no collagen, resulting in loose skin and often a 2nd operation to eliminate it). That is how all real new collagen growth occurs; by slight damage to the existing collagen.

I don't have a lot of fat in my neck, just loose skin. Will it work?

Absolutely. The collagen stimulating properties of the treatment are profound, and occur whether they is fat in the subject area or not.

When will I see results?
You see results from the first treatment 3-4 weeks after, or about the time of the 2nd treatment. We take "after" photos 90 days after the 3rd treatment. The before and after photos you see in our photo gallery are all taken approximately 90 days after treatment series has ended.

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