Injection Lipolysis (IL) uses two safe and natural substances in the micro injections. Phosphatidylcholine(PC) and Deoxycholate (DC). Your body’s cells are made up of 60-70% PC, and your stomach is full of DC, which helps process the food you eat. Deoxycholate is FDA-Approved for the treatment of moderate to severe submental fat.


Injection Lipolysis (aka Lipodissolve) has the unique tandem effects of permanently dissolving fat cells, and very importantly, stimulating new collagen growth, which tightens and firms the skin around the treated areas. PCDC is administered in a precise formulation, under an exact protocol, by well-trained and highly experienced medical professionals.

Surgical Liposuction permanently sucks out fat, but does not stimulate collagen, and has major medical risks as well as the risk or a poor or unnatural looking outcome. The various methods of laser liposuction can permanently eliminate (very small) areas of fat, but do not stimulate new collagen growth.


The large group of “Non-Invasive Face & Body Sculpting” technologies, including radio frequency (RF), Ultrasound, the Freezing, Heating or Cooling of fatty areas, or sagging areas (double chin, triceps, etc) have not been proven to permanently do anything to fat, or stimulate collagen, and none enjoy higher than 1 in 3 patient satisfaction ratings.

Laser Collagen Stimulation, the “LaserLift” and other names, has a modest effect on collagen stimulation for lifting effects and acne scar reduction, but has no effect on fat cells, and has no higher than 2 out of 3 patient satisfaction ratings. The “FotoFacial” (intense pulsed light) and Fractional Laser Resurfacing provide excellent results for their intended purposes, but neither has any major effect on collagen stimulation, and no effect on fat, and cannot be considered “Face or Body Sculpting” technologies.


Injection Lipolysis provides safe, gradual, permanent and dramatic improvements. It has been the safe and effective choice of Physicians and patients worldwide since the late 1990s. There have been over 300,000 treatments provided, and now over 3000 per day. The patient satisfaction rating over averages 86% nationally and internationally (per over a dozen peer-reviewed clinical studies involving tens of thousands of treatments). The Dermacare InjectionLipo patient satisfaction rating is over 95%. There has never been a reported major adverse side effect.


Carl Mudd is the Founder & President of Dermacare® InjectionLIPO, and the Founder & President of the Physician-Based Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics franchise system in 2004. He researched, tested, and analyzed a wide range of technologies from every major manufacturer in the prototype Dermacare® clinic for 3 years, 2001-2004. He is one of the top experts in aesthetic medical technologies. Over 40 Physicians acquired franchises and development rights to over 100 more.


“In 2001, when I started investigating technologies, every major manufacturer had prominent physicians on the payroll, saying wonderful things, great before and after photos, "clinical" studies, a great story, and much more. Then I discovered that roughly 1/3 of all aesthetic lasers did not work well or at all, another 1/3 were substandard, and there were only 1 (or 2) that could be considered "best in class" technology. 8 out of 10 Physicians were making $100,000 - $150,000 technology mistakes. Products being rushed to market before they were ready, due to the intense competition.
The founding principles of Dermacare® were and are “safety first”, value, and best in class technologies utilized by well-trained medical professionals (not “technicians” or aestheticians). Today after providing over 100,000 treatments, Dermacare® has never had a single malpractice claim or case of patient litigation."




“Lasers and Intense pulsed light (IPL) systems from major manufacturers work consistently well today, as opposed to the 2001-2006 period, with high degrees of patient satisfaction. The exceptions being laser collagen stimulation, and laser liposuction, which do not enjoy higher than 65% patient satisfaction.”


On non-surgical face and body sculpting technologies:

“The state of Non-Surgical Face and Body Sculpting technologies is very similar to that of Lasers & IPL 15 years ago: the majority of it doesn’t work well, and more than one, not at all. It’s all very expensive, and very painful. Physicians have to do their homework to avoid very expensive mistakes, and the public cannot be too careful when making face & body sculpting decisions. Real, unbiased, peer-reviewed clinical studies, for publication in medical journals, in meaningful numbers (Over 15,000 treatments) are one excellent indicator.”


Specifically on technologies:

“There is radio frequency, ultrasound, cooling, freezing, heating, and many others that purportedly “reduce fat” and sculpt faces and bodies. None of these has higher than 1 in 3 patient satisfaction, and more than one do not work at all. They are supported by multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.“


On why Dermacare InjectionLIPO chose “Injection Lipolysis” (IL):


“Safety and Patient Satisfaction. To be successful over the long term, it has to be very safe and highly effective. There is no surgery. There is no downtime. There is no diet or exercise regime. IL has been utilized worldwide since the late 1990s, and has been the subject of over multitude of peer-reviewed clinical studies, involving tens of thousands of patients. The results are remarkably consistent: 0% major side effects. 1-2% minor side effects, just under 90% patient satisfaction, and an average of 1.1” loss per treatment on major body areas. It is the best in class technology for Face & Body Sculpting, and nothing else is even close. It’s not only the safest and most effective, it’s the most affordable. A perfect Dermacare® procedure.”

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