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The original Dermacare clinic was founded in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona and was carefully developed as the preeminent laser skin-care franchise, based upon the principles of outstanding customer service, combined with our commitment to safety results and value. Unlike most of our competitors in the industry, we have six years of "hand on" experience establishing and running a successful cosmetic medical practice.

Our Consumer Philosophy

We take pride in erasing the signs of aging through non-invasive skin care treatments and medical grade products. And, we take pride in raising the bar in the industry. Our commitment to making clients look better and/or younger by offering laser and skin care procedures in a comfortable, safe atmosphere with a professionally trained staff is what distinguishes us in this industry. We possess FDA-Approved technology for every procedure performed and we deliver what the client wants - incredible service, as well as quality procedures and products at a reasonable price. Knowing our clients and exceeding their expectations is the foundation of what drives our repeat client-base.

We have set ourselves apart from competitors by marketing ourselves as experts in all facets of "derma" care. We go beyond just being a laser hair removal clinic of BOTOX Cosmetic provider and encourage clients to consult our medical expertise for all of their skin care concerns. This allows us to secure clients for life: offering them acne treatments in their teens, injectables in their 20s, skin rejuvenation in their 30s, skin tightening in their 40s and so on. In essence, we don't put all of our eggs in one basket; we rely on a plethora of services to generate business and a life-long following.

Our Franchise Philosophy

The cornerstone of our business philosophy is to bring together the finest, medical professionals with the resources, vision and dedication to excellence to become owners of a limited number of Dermacare franchises. We use the most advanced and effective technology and all of our clinics are physician-based. We exceed regulation set forth by the industry, so you can rest assured you're associated with the finest clinics and your clients can be sure they are getting the safest treatments.

Our goal is to provide our franchisees the intellectual property, tools and support to achieve rapid, sustained success from the day a franchise is awarded through ever month there after.

Invest In Success

Dermacare is privately held company owned 100% by Founder and CEO, Carl Mudd. It is self-funded and does not have any institutional equity partner or venture capital debt.

Since the launch of the first clinic, we have established nearly 30 clinics and have contracted many more for development. We are growing rapidly and we have recently started worldwide expansion! Our expansion is revolved around the qualified physicians who opt to run our clinics and our constant dedicated to researching advancements in the field.

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Our Experience

The Dermacare business model is built to last. We offer a solid business plan, which has proven itself with the current success rate of each of our individual physician-franchisees and the company's overall rapid growth.

Our Management Team has decades of franchise and business development experience and our Medical Board has decades of clinical experience. When you become a Dermacare Doctor, you will be privy to all of our exclusive practices that have been perfected by our physicians and business executives.. practices that would take years for you to master on your own.

Proof Positive - Our Prototype Clinic

We have six years of hands-on ownership in a highly successful clinic-from startup to market dominance. This prototype clinic is in one of the most competitive markets in the United States: Scottsdale, Arizona. It not only manages to flourish amid a sea of competitors it consistently maintains the "top spot" in it's market. In fact, all of it's original surrounding competitors have closed their clinics, while it retains a loyal and growing clientele.

Physician-Based Clinics

At Dermacare, over 90% of our clinics are physician-owned and 45% are the result of multiple franchise acquisitions by existing franchisees. We are the only physician-based laser and aesthetic franchisor in the world and we have branded ourselves accordingly to the public.

We are very selective about the physicians we bring on board, but we encourage all different specialties to apply. DermaDocs have impressive educational background including Harvard School of Public Health and the University of California at Los Angeles Drew School of Medicine. Their specialties range from Ob/Gyn and Family Practitioner to Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon.

Our dedication to our physician owners is rooted in providing more value than we receive. We respect and value our physicians' medical expertise and we work cohesively with them to provide intellectual property, tools and support to help all DermaDocs achieve rapid sustained success from the day a franchise is awarded through every month thereafter.

In essence we are a family of physician-based clinics dedicated to providing the public with the safest, most effective procedures utilizing carefully chosen, "best in class" technology. The success of our physicians is dependent on this philosophy, and our reputation as the industry leader is a testament to it.

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Physician Peer Support

At Dermacare, we can't stress enough the importance of sharing best practices and working as a peer community to enhance your practice. That's thy we offer interactive outlets for you to collaborate with other Dermacare Physicians. You will be practicing among a network of successful physicians who share the same goals as you. You can communicate your successes and questions in our Interactive Business, Marketing Strategies or Medical Forums. Or, take part in our monthly conference call with other franchisees, as well as Corporate's Public Relations and Marketing team. When you become a part of Dermacare, you not only have support at the corporate level you have support among your peers.

Creative Resources Repository

We have a creative repository that is jam-packed with all of the latest and greatest marketing materials from corporate and other franchisees. You'll be able to check in frequently to get ideas for your next marketing campaign; there are a lot of innovative ideas posted and a vast amount of original custom-designed pieces. Everything from TV appearances and news releases to recent franchisee rankings and the most creative marketing pieces, you will have an invaluable marketing resource at your fingertips!

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We Outperform The Competition

We provide a total franchise-management solution so you can concentrate on your practice and your patients not paperwork. With our automated system, you'll see exactly what's selling and what's not as well as who's selling and who's not allowing you to fine-tune your operations accordingly. This means no more expensive mistakes due to ineffective or non-existent business data.

Along with our single-source management system you will receive comprehensive business coaching, as well as on-going customer support. You and your employees will be set up for success, which means better customer service and more time to dedicate to patients.

Business Model

Our franchising and clinic operational management experience is the foundation for our success. From conception to market dominance, we have mastered all facets of highly successful clinic operations.

We help you analyze your areas competitors and create a master plan, so your Dermacare will dominate your market. When you open your Dermacare clinic, you will be equipped with time-tested practices-highly proprietary, highly sought-after systems for success.

We believe that our business model and it's focus on safety, as well as physician ownership and oversight has been the reason to institutions like the University of Florida Division of Plastic Surgery affiliate themselves with us.

Diversity of Services

We Retain Clients for Life!

We have set ourselves apart from competitors by marketing ourselves as experts in all facets of "derma" care.

We go beyond just being a laser hair removal clinic or BOTOX provider and encourage clients to consult our medical expertise for all of their skin care concerns. This allows us to secure clients for life: offering them acne treatments in their teens, injectables in their 20's skin rejuvenation in their 30s skin tightening in their 40s, and so on.

Benefits to Business

Rare are women and men concerned with only one issue; they are concerned about all of them. They may come in to treat one issue and then avail themselves to others when they become aware of what we can do to treat every aspect of their skin. In essence, we don't put all of our eggs in one basket we rely on a plethora of services to generate business and life-long following.

Common Question

Are there any industry franchises that offer a similar array of services?

Several franchises that have branded themselves as laser hair removal clinics have attempted to expand into other areas. But, because they originally promoted themselves as experts in only one area, their attempts to offer a variety of services have failed. From day one, we have branded ourselves as full-service and medically-based giving our clientele that reassurance that they can get a wide variety of treatments done under one roof.

The advantage to multiple procedures is obvious especially since many of our procedures are residual profit centers such as BOTOX and dermal fillers. Our repeat clients are key, because rarely are they concerned with one issue, they are concerned with all of them. If someone is a BOTOX regular, but they also have unwanted spider veins, age spots, or wrinkles they will think of Dermacare as their first choice for addressing their other concerns once they realize our overall expertise.

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TV Commercials

We have a vault of TV Commercials and Infomercials that you are able to feature on your website or in your clinic. We view commercials as a supporting marketing vehiclethat helps to reinforce our elite brand and the other marketing efforts you are making in your community

News Segments

Dermacare has appeared on all major news networks due to our exceptional results and sophisticated technology. Our clinics are more advanced and more effective than any other laser-based skin care center in the nation. We are recognized as the media's most trusted resource for laser and aesthetic procedures.

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Radio Spots

We help you create radio scripts that will target the market for the station that you are advertising on. We have a generous database of sample scripts and successful radio campaigns that will help you form your own ads. We also know how to work with radio stations to offer promotional contests for their listeners. These promotions not only get the Dermacare name on the air more than a traditional radio spot, they also help create a buzz about your clinic within the community.


Continued Guidance

We Back Your Business

Once you've established your Dermacare Clinic, we offer continued support at the Corporate level, as well as among your Dermacare Physician Peers. You'll be privileged to highly proprietary information and practices, as well as instruments to continually analyze your practice's successes and help boost your revenues.

Support goes beyond our Medical Board's recommendations and research; we provide you with key business reports that analyze your practice on a strategic level. From Risk Management to Conversion Rates, you'll be able to assess exactly what factors are contributing to your bottom line. You'll also be equipped with a library of comprehensive manuals, created specifically for the advanced Dermacare business model and this unique medical industry.


Resources that Support Your Operations

Our thorough reporting programs analyzes all key aspects of your clinic's performance, identifying weaknesses quickly, before substantial revenue is lost. You'll always be in the know about your clinic's operations with our in-depth reports. We provide you with monthly, automated analysis, as well as corrective guidance and a set of comprehensive manuals that help you easily assess and handle any situation you are confronted with as a clinic owner. Our reports and manuals are created specifically for the advanced Dermacare business model and this unique medical industry.

Internet & Email

We help you launch an aggressive online campaign. As a Dermacare franchisee you will have your own web page that will highlight your local information and even incorporate streaming videos of you on the news or your recent TV commercials. Your web page will be a part of a large Dermacare site that allows your potential clients to browse through the different services we offer and even view procedures on video.

We Optimize Your Site

We know how important it is to be listed in every and any search associated with our services; that's why we utilize the latest in technology to optimize your site. Through a combination of online advertising and maintaining our "natural" listing in the top spots, we thoroughly monitor what listing-spots service-queries are bringing you the most clicks and the most business.

Effective Email Campaigns

We help you create "call to action" email campaigns that target your demographic. With special "email only" offers within the emails these campaigns can be one of the biggest tools you have to keep continuous contact with your current client database. We our email templates, you can take advantage of the most cost-effective marketing vehicle we have to offer.

What is the target demographic's annual income?

It varies from market to market, but essentially Dermacare is a middle-class provider. In some cases, we cater to the lower middle-class, as well as the upper middle-class but we strive to adhere our services toward the largest market segment of middle-class women (currently 90% of our clients are female).

Strategic Partnerships

Technology Partners

Dermacare market dominance has allowed us to become strategic partners with technology companies that offer the most advanced equipment and treatment methods available today. We have chosen only to partner with companies whose technologies have been proven and supported by extensive data, including: Cutera®, HOYA® ConBio®, Lumenis®, Cynosure® and Canfield®.

Product Partners

We are firm believers that treatments go beyond the laser. That's why we've chosen the best the industry has to offer for skin care products. Our partners include such reputable companies as: Dermesse, Dermacia MD and CBI.

Preferred Pricing - Up to $65k Savings

On behalf of our physician partners, we have negotiated exclusive corporate discounts that almost exceed the initial franchise fee. The discounts we receive are the largest, high-volume discounts available - up to $65,000. We also have guaranteed preferred service agreements and extended warranties with our strategic partners. These discounts and benefits are not available to our competitors or available to private practitioners.

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