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Dermacare InjectionLIPO™ is a series of Ultra fine injections of 2 safe and natural substances that permanently dissolve fat cells, stimulate new collagen growth, nourishing, tightening and lifting skin. It is commonly referred to, and has been the subject of over 50 worldwide clinical and scientific studies, as “Injection Lipolysis” (IL) and “LipoDissolve”. These studies have consistently documented an unparalleled safety record and outstanding patient satisfaction rate. (See “The Journal of Clinical 7 Aesthetic Dermatology” study of 15,122 treatments entitled “LipoDissolve, Safety, Effectiveness, and Patient Satisfaction” on this site). IL is a safe, natural, predictable method used in medical aesthetics for fat reduction & skin tightening without surgery. Two naturally occurring substances are placed directly into the fat cells of a specified area, in a series of 3 treatments. IL also reduces wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin, fatty lipomas, under eye fat pads and helps “smooth out” post surgical irregularities

body regions

Common body areas for women are upper and lower abdomen, triceps (hanging triceps are the 2nd most popular body area), inner, outer, upper and lower thighs, “saddlebags”, “banana” (a roll of fat immediately beneath the lower buttock) Axillary (“Bra Fat”, above breasts, under breasts down to upper abs, front and back) love handles / waist; any area of soft fat you can pinch can be effectively treated. Popular areas for males are upper / lower abs, love handles, and “man breasts” (Gynecomastia). All areas consisting of two (arms, legs, waist, love handles, etc.) are treated as ONE AREA for pricing purposes. The only exception is the abdomen, which is two areas, upper and lower, above and below the belly button. Even the most fervent workout fanatic and ultra-healthy eater often have that one spot that workouts and dieting are never going to get to; our treatment is the perfect solution!”

Phoshatidylcholine (PC) and Deoxycholate Acid (DC), together form PCDC. Both are naturally abundant in the human body. PC and DC are very safe naturally occurring substances. 60-70% of your body’s cells are made up PC. PC is an amino acid. It contributes to the proper metabolism of fat and cell membrane integrity. The plant form of PC is utilized in our protocol, derived from the soy plant. Deoxycholate / Deoxycholic Acid is a naturally occurring bile salt and Gallic acid. It is found abundantly in the stomach where it breaks down dietary fat. Deoxycholate (aka Kybella™) is FDA-Approved for the treatment of moderate to severe sub mental fat. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Deoxycholic Acid (Kybella) a treatment for adults with moderate-to-severe fat below the chin, known as submental fat. (FDA April 29, 2015)

These natural substances are in contrast to Dermal Fillers synthetic makeup and BOTOX being a muscle-paralyzing toxin (Both BOTOX and Dermal Fillers have been proven to be very safe and highly effective, albeit temporary, and Dermacare® has expertly provided both since 2001). Dermacare® utilizes a highly standardized formulation and protocol for the ultrafine injections. Both substances (PCDC) being safe and natural substances are why, utilized by specially trained medical professionals using exact protocols, PCDC has such an outstanding safety record.

Ultra fine injections are placed directly into the fatty area of the desired facial or body area, 1 CM apart on the face and 1.5 CM on the body (.39 &. 59 inches respectively). Most faces and bodies are slightly asymmetrical and the precision of the injections allows us to inject exactly what is needed. The injections permanently dissolve fat cells, stimulate new collagen growth, tightening, lifting and nourishing skin. DC chews through fat and fat cell walls. PC assists in the excretion of the dissolved fat through your elimination system (Primarily liver and kidneys).

It is clinically proven to be amongst the safest of all cosmetic procedures, surgical or non-surgical. In the Clinical study of 15,122 treatments published by “The Journal of Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatology” VOL 5, NO. 10, OCT 2012: “No patient developed lumpy, bumpy or uneven appearance, as seen in some patients after Liposuction. Complications were minor and extremely rare and developed in 1-2% of patients. Complication of liposuction, such as pulmonary embolism, hemorrhage, perforation, lidocaine/epinephrine toxicity, third space fluid shifts, and fat embolism, did not occur with LipoDissolve. (Our emphasis). PC & DC being naturally occurring substances and expertly trained experience medical professionals contribute greatly to the safety equation.

It is highly effective. A patient satisfaction rate of 86.6% is reported in the JCAD practice “A” study, and 86-90% patient satisfaction is stated in a multitude of scientific and clinical studies. Please review the before and after photos page of actual patients, and the testimonials page of patient comments for real results and real patient comments. It is, by far, proven to be the safest and most effective treatment available today for non-surgical face and body sculpting.

The standard protocol for any facial or body area is 3 treatments, provided at least 4 weeks apart. The cost is substantially less other, less effective treatments. The majority of people opt for a prepaid package of 3 treatments, which features about a 30% discount over the treatment-by-treatment ala Carte cost. Please call us for a free consultation to receive all the detail information you need to make an informed decision as well as learning current special promotions.

For the body, the JCAD clinical study of 15,122 treatments reports a loss of 0.125 inch to 3 inches, with an average of 1.1 inch, per treatment. The results are gradual, yet demonstrably dramatic. You will first see changes 3-5 weeks after the first treatment, and “after” photos are taken 90 days after the third treatment when the full therapeutic treatment affect has been realized. For the face, patients report being told, “you look younger, more refreshed, less tired…are doing something?” The average facial patient reports looking 5-10 years younger.”

Dermacare®was founded in 2001 in Phoenix AZ USA by Carl Mudd. Existing and emerging technologies were intensely researched, and best in class technology was selected for every laser, light, and injectable procedure. With an overriding emphasis on “Safety First”, and best in class technology utilized by well-trained medical professionals, Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics® was franchised to Physicians throughout the US and internationally beginning in 2004. A Franchisee Medical Board of Directors was appointed in 2006. After hundreds of thousands of procedures, Dermacare® has never had patient litigation or a malpractice claim. Dermacare® has the best safety record in the industry. Dermacare® analyzes emerging technologies. The trademarks “The Science of Aesthetics” and ‘Safety Results Value” reflect the Dermacare culture of excellence. The first and only Industry – Academic strategic partnership was formed in 2007 with the University of Florida Plastic Surgery Department.

It has been the subject of dozens of peer-reviewed clinical studies involving tens of thousands of patients. These studies have been very consistent in the their findings of safe and efficacy (effectiveness) and patient satisfaction (86%-90% patient satisfaction, 1-2% instance of minor side effects, and 0% major side effects). With Injection Lipolysis there is no surgery, no downtime, and no diet or exercise regimen. You can go back to work or exercise the same day. There is no possibility of a bad or unnatural result. There are none of the risks associated with surgery. The ultrafine injections are placed exactly where needed resulting in symmetrical results. It is very affordable.

Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware). We have been researching, analyzing, and selecting aesthetic technologies for mass physician use for 16 years. There are many technologies with multi-million dollar marketing campaigns being sold for “face & body sculpting”. Radio frequency, Ultrasound, Cryo Freezing, heating, cooling, and much more. All are expensive, many are very painful, most do not work well, and some do not work at all. Actual peer-reviewed clinical studies involving meaningful numbers of treatments are incredibly rare. None of them have an actual patient satisfaction rate exceeding 50%. You do not make this type of statement unless it is accurate.

Surgical Facelifts and Liposuction involve certain medical risks, and the risk of a poor or unnatural looking outcome. They are expensive. Neither stimulates any magnitude of new collagen growth (nor do the majority of the above-referenced technologies). Collagen growth and its skin tightening and lifting effect are essential to a non-surgical facelift, and bodily fat elimination. Absent new collagen growth, you can remove fat, but be left with hanging skin. If the results you desire for your face are beyond that of Injection Lipolysis, we will tell you so, and refer you to a preeminent plastic surgeon if desired.

Dermacare® began providing Laser Collagen Stimulation for the “LaserLift” in 2002, and Laser Liposuction (utilizing multiple manufacturers) in 2006. Injection Lipolysis has replaced both in Corporate-Owned Dermacare® Clinics, because it has a substantially higher patient satisfaction rate than other procedure or technology mentioned in this paragraph

Q & A

How many treatments are needed?

The standard protocol for face or body is 3 treatments at least one month apart. Rarely is a 4th treatment necessary or desired. The treatments need to be at least 4 weeks apart, however they can be spaced over a 6 month or 1 year time period. Most people want results ASAP, so they schedule right at the 4 week mark.

How Long Does it Last?

True fat reduction, whether it is dissolved and excreted, or sucked out, is permanent. It cannot come back to the area where fat cells were permanently eliminated. For the face, it is substantially new collagen stimulation that is responsible for the dramatic lifting and tightening of the neck and face. Collagen will break down over time due to aging, lifestyle, etc. Just like a surgical facelift, it does not last forever. The average patient can expect the results to last at least 6-7 years. Patients over 65 can expect 5-7 years. After that time period the 3 treatment protocol can be applied again.

Why isn't there loose skin where the fat was eliminated?

The collagen stimulating properties of Injection Lipolysis are just as important, in some cases where there is lots of loose skin, more important than the permanent fat dissolving properties of the treatment. The tiny injections over the subject area cause slight damage to the existing collagen, resulting in new collagen growth, much more so than any laser or or any other treatment (surgical liposuction stimulates no collagen, resulting in loose skin and often a 2nd operation to eliminate it). That is how all real new collagen growth occurs; by slight damage to the existing collagen.

I don't have a lot of fat in my neck, just loose skin. Will it work?

Absolutely. The collagen stimulating properties of the treatment are profound, and occur whether they is fat in the subject area or not.

When will I see results?

You see results from the first treatment 3-4 weeks after, or about the time of the 2nd treatment. We take "after" photos 90 days after the 3rd treatment. The before and after photos you see in our photo gallery are all taken approximately 90 days after treatment series has ended.

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